Saturday, February 23, 2008

New beat :D

It's a beautiful, semi-humid Saturday afternoon and I'm strolling through YouTube. After a few minutes of Jim Carrey I found myself listening to the Arctic Monkeys, awesome band if I do say so myself.

Somehow they remind me of Quentin Tarantino's films :), but if I listen a little bit longer they actually remind me of the White Stripes...these Brits, gotta love them, mainly because of the accent, but that's just my case.

Here's another Arctic Monkeys business :):

Friday, February 22, 2008

Control Freaks

We humans are all a bunch of control freaks, we want to know it all so we cannot be taken by surprise in a bad way and even if there's a good surprise involved, we still want to know what it is about, we want to be in charge, we want to have the power. Proofs of this eagerness to be superior than others or other things have been here for millennia, we wanted to be like the gods we invented, then we invented super-heroes, a modern version of the gods, and we wanted to be like them. There actually are people that really think they are superheroes or some that try, like people that want to do everything and be the best at all that they do.

To sustain even more the "need" to be almighty, Emotive Systems has developed a device called EPOC that enables users to control a computer game with brainwaves, basically you don't touch the keyboard or joy-stick , you just play with you mind.

I can see a lot of use for this in the medical aria, helping people with disabilities get around faster and living an easier life, but, as all invented things can be used for both good and evil, I can also see this device used to control tanks and planes from long distance and taking over rich oil regions without any casualties from the aggressor....yep, very useful indeed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad, new haircut :(

I never imagined my hair meant that much to me, but it does. It's somehow connected to my state of mind, to my mood. Maybe I do act like a girl sometimes :).

After two very unsatisfying trips to the hair stylists, I have decided never to go to a woman hairstylist again, men are way better at this. Two women have managed to ruin what several males have beautifully preserved over 4 years now...

I guess in life you win some, you lose :D....and it doesn't matter how short my hair is, what matters is how and how much I think...or something like that:D.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bloody Sad

I saw Lars and the Real Girl today and it made me bloody sad.

Sometimes people just replace things that they need with something. Usually the need for affection is replaced by other stuff. Some people replace it with alcohol of drugs, some bury themselves in work, others in films, others in blogs, others in books...we all have a surrogate positive energy stream, that doesn't involve human affection...or at least something to make the time between affection sessions pass faster :D.

Friday, February 15, 2008

When you're down, keep your mind occupied!

I don't understand people that, when faced with a problem that can very easily be solved through communication, choose to disconnect themselves from the other party and "Try not to think about it."

If you "try not to think about" all your problems, you will never solve anything, apart from the issues sorted out by sheer luck or coincidences. All my life I have tried to make people talk about what's on their mind, about their brain burdens. Many of them have opened up and found that verbalizing their problems and thoughts about them was way more helpful than wallowing in their self petty.

Still, I do agree that a period on your own, alone is necessary sometimes. When you feel bloody awful and you don't want to be seen or see anyone, people that want to talk about your problems make you run even farther away. But, if the problem directly involves two people and one wats to save something and talk about it and the other prefers to "try not to think about it", then that truly sucks for the party that wants to solve something.

Actually, that's how big problems start in this world, kids don't want to talk to their parents about who's bullying them at school, then they bring a gun to class and kill innocent people; husbands don't want to talk about their problems with their wives, instead they choose to beat them senseless to externalize their rage; students hate their teachers and they struggle to become teachers themselves so they can torture students just to get back at life; young people dream of becoming film directors, ambassadors, top managers and they end up being some firm's bitch in a small office in the financial department, taking files from one place to another for a living, coming home depressed, committing suicide at the age of 40 or dying from exhaustion at the age of 32, just because they didn't communicate what they truly wanted with their employers.

I admire those that dream even on their death beds, I admire people that take chances and choose to fail their way and not to succeed in other people's eyes, I admire people that believe in themselves and people that stay positive no matter what, I admire human beings that find time for themselves and don't waste their youth and health on jobs that they hate, just to get some CV experience, I admire people that stop doing what they come to dislike doing, I admire people that don't bullshit other people, I admire people that don't forget their promises or that are smart enough not to make promises if they know they don't have the power to keep them.

I would love for us to have an enchanted world, where good dreams do come true, where everything has a happy ending.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to me :)

There are moments of clarity in your life, when you see, like a spectator, what you did wrong, what good you did, who cared for you, who you cared for. It's sad if you see that you gave more than you received, it's sadder if you received a lot and gave nothing instead.

I was talking about life and death with my mom a few days ago, about what happens to the brain after the body dies, actually what happens to our conscience when our body dies. I seldom think that the stress of the whole biological system collapsing is like a short circuit in the brain, maybe for a few seconds the memory randomly produces images from the brain files, images that seem to make people with near death experiences think that they've crossed to the so-called other side; after the short circuit, the brain dies too, it's like when you're erasing everything you have on your hard drive, actually it's worse, it's destroying the hard drive completely, making it unusable in the same form.

What happens to the information?...because, after all, we're just a biological bundle of information at work...well, the information is either recycled, it's passes like an entity to the universe, in the form of energy or it is transformed, thinking the body is like a black hole and the information contained in it will eventually end up in another universe through a white hole or just be terminated, without a trace except the decaying remains of the once living body.

Like I have issues, you have issues, the world has issues, problems that we ignore most of the time because we are too busy with ourselves and that's totally understandable, after all the person that we love the most in this world is ourselves.

Here's a film that deals with the oh-so-many problems that Afghanistan is facing, from child molestation to killings for not having a beard...despite the terrible issues depicted here, the film manages to exude a cinematographic beauty that fills the mind with color and emotion. The Kite Runner....

Today was my birthday, I don't feel older or wiser, I don't understand why people are so compelled to hurt other people and to destroy what they have, but I know that there are some people I can always count on and that makes the information in my brain construct a sometimes beautiful documentary of my life.

Thank you my friends.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What are they doing in Iraq?

The things about Iraq that have been hidden from the public are quite disturbing. There are pieces of the puzzle that gruesomely come together, and they don't construct a pretty or heroic, for that matter, picture. After USA soldiers have come back from Iraq, many have experienced serious behavior changes and psychological damage. In 2008 only, 121 US soldiers committed suicide after coming back from Iraq (9 AM Newsletter).

Here's a film by Paul Haggis that eloquently shows the dramatic personality and social changes that Iraq inflicts in In the Valley of Elah.

Another intriguing display of psychological oddity from the Coen Brothers, you might remember the main negative character from Alejandro Amenabar's Mar adentro (Javier Bardem). Here's No country for old men.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I would like to state that this is the saying that has actually guided my life so far and I realized it recently. I think every person is actually in this situation and not only humans, but animals too. Evolution was based on this, if those fish weren't curious about the land, we wouldn't have amphibians, then snakes, then birds, then platypuses, then apes then Homo erectus, Homo habilis, Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo distructus (yes us, because we are so eager to make our life as easier as possible, most of the times, regardless of the consequences that our actions have on others and on the surroundings).

If curiosity combined with need were inexistent (yes we use the plural here :D, just in case you were thinking I did a blunder :P), we wouldn't have needles, vaccines, computers and so much questions, that eventually, get us into a lot of trouble. Curiosity makes us want to understand, which makes us search for answers, which makes us find out more and more which makes us ask ourselves more questions.

Since I couldn't find any other site on the net with the exact "Life is curiosity in motion." statement, I'm gonna claim copyright on it :D, because that's what we humans do, we mark our territory and then we defend it, other mammals do this with claws, we do it with wit...and now, a stand up comedy artist (Jim David)would say..."with[wit] what?".

Have fun with comedy Central!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Film Frenzy

How does it go?...Let me see...

You start off with a very interesting and disturbing documentary about the flaws in the medical system in the biggest economical power in the world. Micheal Moor's SICKO shows that even Cuba provides better medical treatment for its citizens than the United States of America.

Then you leave documentaries aside and jump into JUNO, a 2007 serious story disguised as a fun one; a film about the issues of an unwanted teenage pregnancy.

After that we hear the lovely soundtrack of ONCE, one of the best platonic love stories I've seen for the year 2007, a love of music and of ex-s in an Irish scenery.

To top it all we add a little box-office type of story, like 27 DRESSES, just to relax the brain with yet another Katherine Heigl film for this year. For those of you who don't know who she is, I'll give you two hints: a star of Grey's Anatomy and the leading lady from Knocked Up.

And we finish with Al Gore's AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, he might be a politician and have a southern accent, but he knows what he's talking about when it comes to the danger of Carbon Dioxide Emissions.

Enjoy films and documentaries that you can really learn something from :).

Friday, February 1, 2008

Funny Fat Film

As mankind progresses, the human body gets more and more unhealthy. That's not a laughing matter, but the following spot is funny as it is ironic.