Friday, July 25, 2008

To annoy or not to annoy...that is the...u know :)

Well, well, it seems that I have taken a small leave from my writing. I guess the whole degree thesis shenanigans wore me out more than I want to admit to myself, or maybe I'm just king of uninspired. Nothing very thrilling seems to happen. But I won't say more on the subject, Murphy's law apply when you lest expect or want, from my experience.

I am fresh out of a very uninteresting weekend. It was so uninteresting that I'm still recovering from the dullness. It’s so sad when you go home and the most exciting thing that happens to you is a conversation with your granny, which actually turns into an interrogatory about what you're going to do with you life now that you’ve graduated.


That's actually a pretty good question. People around me kind of look like they know the answer or part of it. Many get jobs, others look for a future home, others stress themselves in the search for a good graduate school and I...I just annoy myself.

I started a nice book by Edward de Bono, called Lateral Thinking, you know it for sure. The book encourages us to think out of the box and find more than one satisfying solution to any given problem. Maybe I'm reading it because I want to find a way to annoy other people, other than myself...that's thinking out of the box for you. It's already starting to work.

Speaking of new solutions and ideas, if you want to know why a 9 year old thinks pockets should be detachable or how he turns a twisted and sad family tragedy into an exquisite string of weird happenings, you should definitely open Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close book. A friend of my mine, who left Romania about a week ago, gave it to me. I couldn't put it down until I reached the final page.

Returning to the being annoying bit, here's the most annoyingly pleasant tap dancer I have ever seen, in Top Hat: