Monday, August 13, 2007


The thing about having free net at your home is that you cannot possibly have it for a very long time (at least in the USA), ergo after a few weeks of having wireless at home, the person whom we were stealing the net from realised the theft and put a password on the live Starbucks (where you can sit in a comfortable chair, eat a delicious piece of banana bread and surf the net for free).

I've been to the movies this week and saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Although I haven't fully seen the trilogy, I must say that I enjoyed the third part a lot. There's something about spy movies that always made me like them. Don't you ever think about what it would be like to work for a very powerful spy agency and be able to operate a wide range of vehicles and protect yourself in several types of combat techniques? I know I do :D.

Slowly but surely, the house in which I live is rapidly transforming in a nut house (I include myself amongst the nuts...I think I am an almond :D).

Work is tiring and America remains lovely though the weather is getting colder with each day of August that passes.

Enjoy your cinema visit for The Bourne Ultimatum and have a very nice week!

Your blogger,

Monday, August 6, 2007

An unforgetable holiday :D

Sometimes it's just soothing to get away from the things that you have been used to for many, many years (your parents' financial and moral support, the places that you know like the back of your hand, the same conversations with the same people, the same quest for never-ever-gonna-be-found-happiness, etc. etc. know these...and those of you who left home, to go to another country are already familiar with the things I'm going to state further on).

To get away from the comfortable, rather boring existence that I have been contemplating for a few years now, I have decided to come to the USA for a summer on the pretence that I wanted to see what the fuss was all about this particular part of our planet, when in fact I just wanted a few months of mental rest and something different to recharge my tired rechargeable batteries...what I got instead...well...a lot more.

The thing about Americans (and I mean those that have ancestors that date back to the beginning of this whole phenomenon that hangs on by every thread of the 52 starred spangled banner, not all the other aliens, yours truly included, that have come here basically for the American dream :))))))) ) is that they are a nation of subliminal-trained-to-be-nice-individuals. They don't give a rat's ass how your day is, how you've been doing so on and so forth...nooooo...they are doing this because of an over proportioned sense of pride that has bees implemented like a chip in their brain from the start of the USA...they are a proud nation, and they were, are and will be as masked-condescending as they can be just to show you the superiority of the American way.

Let me tell you (I'm gonna tell you anyway because I actually do not need any one's permission to write on my very own blog :D...) a few things about these individuals, they make you feel that you can be far more cynic than you've ever imagined, they kill you with kindness, they give you their friendly help because they are obliged to do that by the red, white and blue...the weired part of this whole thing is that the fake-ness of it all doesn't bother me at all, I would rather have a fake-polite clerk that does his job properly, than a Romanian teller that scorns at you and keeps you standing for hours and hours in a in line in front of her/his counter, I would rather have people smiling at me on the street while they walk their dog, instead of being ogled at by mean eyes, I would rather get a book in less than five working days on my doorstep with no extra charge from all the way across the USA, than having to go to the postal office, wait in a f***ing-long queue and get the counter window slammed in my face in the exact moment I get in front.

So, boys and girls, as you might have noticed, I kinda like it here; I've made some friends (black, white, red :D), went to the movies (American style), visited Carson
City (state capital of Nevada) and Reno, made some greens to buy some things :D, learned how to cook and a lot of other things that really matter to me, but are of no concern to you :).

On the whole, I do not regret one bit spending $2500 on this work and travel program.

About films, I have seen a couple so far, some good, some not so good, but from everyone (as from every experience) I have learned something...hopefully you will are two of the best I've viewed so far:


The Illusionist

Stay away from: Evan's just not worth the pirated CD burn, the disk space or the money spent on the cinema ticket.

Marina: Hey sweety! Hope you're enjoying your summer at least as much as I am. Stay blue and butterfly-y all through the summer. I've got loads to tell when I see you. Thank you for still reading my blog. Aida and I give you a huge group hug and lots of kisses.

Cezar: Hallo mein Freund! Congratulations on the rock dude (as usual)...hope I get to see you before you leave...if of luck and pack a lot of wool panties :D...Hugs and kisses. PS: I'm going to check out that blog of yours ;).

Sorinel: Howdy-Doody! Thanks for reading my usual nonsense on the blog :D...that means a me (if there were any doubts). I never forget my friends from back home...never ever.

Therefore my dear readers...have a nice summer (all of you)...