Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Close to departure

My dear reader,

My full-of-events-American-summer is nearly over. I know that lately my blogging sessions have been slightly neglected, but time passes with the speed of a blink here...and that is truly sad.

After three months of hard work, well-deserved fun and very little sleep, our colleagues from work are throwing us a big-going-away-beach party this Tuesday...so nice of them...the kitchen and maintenance Romanian staff members are united in joy on the lake's shore.

I have made a lot of friends (of a lot of colours :D) and learnt a lot of things (that will probably be very useful to me later in my life) from wrestling and cooking to slang :).

The cinema and Blockbuster movie rentals haven't been a stranger to me either these past weeks: Casino is a must anytime (no matter how many times you've already seen it).
2007 has had a pretty good American-big-audience-movie-spree so far (leaving Evan Almighty aside ). I've seen Superbad and Disturbia and they are worth watching, not for artistic parts ('cause since The Fountain I haven't seen a USA release with real cinematographic value), but they capture parts of life that sometimes get left out by the busy, the upset, the tired, the bored and the distracted by weed human mind (for those who know ;)).

Until the next post, here's a sneak preview of the last two movies I've mentioned. For further details contact your local cinema :).



Best wishes,