Thursday, March 27, 2008


For my 100th post on this blog I thought I'd give me and you a bit of insight about what life is all about. Life is all about the shape, age, glow, size, hairiness, color and sex of skin.

Our ultimate presentation suit is our skin. A lot of people give a lot of money to make their natural suit look as perfect as possible.

It's not about being shallow, although, let's admit it at least to ourselves, the way that people look really influences the way that they are treated by others.

I'm not just talking about the lair of our body that has a direct contact with our clothes, but about the whole shape that it gives the body, the presence....

Did I scare you a little bit with the personal image rambling :D? This is what got me thinking about skin image:

1. A skin-care products firm in Australia has made a very interesting outdoor for their campaign (Skin good enough to eat) - a lady made entirely of peaches. They say we are what we eat...this is eating what we are :D:

2. Kisses that come with a side effect:

3. The ultimate intimate-hair-due :D:

Have fun with hair dues and skin pampering and remember:

Take care of yourselves, because nobody will do it for you and because the person you love the most is you ;).

Wishing you the best my dear reader,

Monday, March 17, 2008


We are amazing and we should never forget it...ah yeah, and we should always wear sunscreen.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Change through images

Some people want to make a change through images, maybe they just want to seem smart on a web site or maybe they just really care, anyway, you should have a gander at this, it really caught my attention.

If you're still in that area, you should definitely check this one out too.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Make life Your Stage regardless of Who watches

On stage

The mistake of being chosen,
When you aim for playing by spite,
In a game that’s both black and light,
Surely links to the parts of life
When one acts like a heated knife,
But the butter is not frozen.

Another untrained viewer’s eye,
Randomly passing near the scene,
A strange inkling to intervene
Might gently cross his stream of thought;
Possibly messing up a lot.
The watcher doesn’t get to try.

The spiteful actor battles much,
All faces turn to judge his moves.
His features fidget, they amuse.
He sends his words out into meaning,
Their loud silence sees no clinging
To ears that eat his kind for lunch.

He is alone on stage and nothing helps his mind.
The role he has is hard, some lines are forgotten;
Changes made from frame to frame seem all too sudden.
He is lost and feeble and under the spotlight
Wishing that, at casting, his acting wasn’t bright.
Strangely he feels himself as being mute and blind.

Bit under construction, this feature of existence
Can get you into places without any escapes
And it makes you face your nightmares’ gruesome theater drapes,
Which normally you threat so, because they always hide
An audience unfriendly and just so full of pride,
That boos off life’s stage the ones without experience.

Copyright © 2007 Luminita Stoica

Saturday, March 1, 2008

10 things I hate about clubs

1. Dirty, small, unequipped bathrooms;
2. The nonexistence of non-smoking zones (real non-smoking zones, not the ones that say "non-smoking" and are exactly next to the smoking zone, and you cannot possibly avoid the smoke);
3. Small or inexistent dancing rings;
4. Rude/"deaf" bartenders/waitresses/waiters;
5. Huge prices but bad-service;
6. Same music playing with very little variation over and over and over and over...
7. Totally "fiddle-de-dee" advertising: you show the best and give the medium or worst => lack of credibility or unsubstantiated credibility (but that's what I hate about the majority of products that are being advertised; very few organizations have the decency to even try and be at least 60% honest with their customers);
8. Sleazy entertainers (girls/boys that dance on small podiums in the club) that can't dance;
9. Bad light shows;
10. Dangerous floor designs with no warnings.

There are a lot of other things, but these are the main 10. If you have your own, share with the class.

Meanwhile, take a look at this (no, it's not about clubs if that's what you're expecting):